A Letter to Residents About Club Inspiration Delays

January 7, 2019

Dear Residents:

We understand that the recent news of the amenity center’s weather delay has been causing some concern. We know how important the amenity center is to everyone in the community and how much you are all looking forward to it. We at Huffines Communities want to open the amenity center as much as anyone, however, we have been experiencing the wettest October through January in the last 30 years. As much as we would like the contractors to work, if they cannot complete the work properly and correctly, we prefer that they do not work at all. Going back to correct mistakes, errors and omissions costs more time than waiting for correct installation the first time.

We also understand that it seems illogical that work cannot proceed even if the sun is shining. If the rains have moved on it seems like everyone should be back at work the next day. Unfortunately, while some work can proceed inside the building once it has been dry-walled, any outside work has to wait until the ground is dry enough to support equipment and personnel. Anyone who has walked in wet Texas clay knows how clinging and sloppy it can be. With all the rains, a multi-ton piece of equipment operating will do more damage than good.

In addition, while we understand that everyone is excited and interested in the progress of the amenities, walking through the mud and then inside the facilities actually causes additional delays. Floors that had been prepped for stain or flooring installation now have to be recleaned, re-prepped, and the installation rescheduled. This has happened a number of times in the construction schedule due to residents exploring the job site (which is not allowed).

There have also been questions and concerns about the HOA funds paying for all of this work.

  • NO Homeowner or HOA funds have been used in connection with the construction of the amenity center.
  • NO HOA funds will be used in any manner on the facilities until the facilities are completed and turned over to the HOA.
  • ALL costs for construction, delays, overruns and additional items have been and will continue to be borne by the Developer until completion of the facility.

Again, we know how important these facilities are to everyone and we understand the frustration that arises when we do not hit our projected completion dates. This is not what we want. However, we also will not open any facility that is not 100% complete inside and outside. That includes all the landscaping and sidewalk work as well as permanent power and cable services. We thank you for your continued patience in the progress of this sure-to-be incredible amenity center. We will have it open for your enjoyment as soon as possible.


Elvio Bruni
Huffines Communities